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Mighty MICE expands

Mighty MICE expands

Event Planning Industry: Myanmar & Thai Cooperate To Boost Economy

4:26 PM +0630, Tue February 28, 2017



Myanmar and Thailand cooperate for the development of event planning industry.


Myanmar and Thailand have signed 16 bilateral cooperation documents between private sectors earlier this month.


Following the bilateral agreement, Myanmar and Thailand have seen the increased cooperation in business matching in various sectors.


Today’s event aims to boost the partnership between event planning businesses of the two countries.


Director, Department of International Trade Promotion, Thanawut Naigowit: “The purpose of coming here is to find business connection, partnering with Myanmar companies who want to expand business into international market.”


Data shows that event planning businesses started ten years ago in Myanmar. Now there are about 20 event management companies in the country.


Meanwhile, the Thailand minister counselor of commerce said there is more investment to come to Myanmar.


Minister Counsellor(Commercial), Royal Thai Embassy, Pakainay Leng-ee: “As Myanmar has opened a market-oriented economic system, it is our responsibility to encourage Myanmar. Thailand has planned to invest millions in Myanmar.”


Top 9 companies of Event organizers, trade Exhibition service providers in Thailand joined the event.