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Simultaneous Interpretation System and Interpreter’s Booth

“Interpretation device, Interpretation System, Interpreter Booth, Interpretation headphone, SI Service” are the general names of Simultaneous Interpretation System or SIS.

Mighty MICE has selected DIS or Danish Interpretation System (www.dis.cc) which is one of an affiliated company of Shure, the well-known microphone manufacturer.

The DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System is developed and produced under the conformity of IEC 61603-Part 7 which is the definition of Infra-red transmission equipment on the frequency of 2 – 6 MHz which has been worldwide accepted and most of the important international conferences stay on this standard such as United Nations (UN), Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), ASEAN Summit, etc.

The Composition Device of DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System includes

1. Receiver or Interpretation Headphone : DIS DR 6032 Infrared Receiver with Headphone is a device for delegates or participants to listen to the interpretation from the interpreters in the Booth (s). DR 6032 is produced with the highest technology of contemporary Interpretation System that can support 31 interpreted channels and 1 Floor language, (32 channels in total). The selectable channels and volume can control by participants themselves.

2. Central Control Unit (CCU) : A heart of DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System in which all necessary settings to complete the setup could be done in a few click. A web-control function has been applied to the system to facilitate technician for their setup, control easily.

3. DIS IS 6132P : Interpreter Unit is a vital working station for Simultaneous Interpreters in which has been designed with user-friendly functions and it could respond to all necessary facilities that are needed. The LCD screen indicates all important data such as Channel number, language for each channel as well as all buttons are located in the right place that interpreters just make a short, quick move to operate. Relay function is also being supported with this hi-tech equipment.

4. DIS JB 6104 : Junction Box is a small device but very important for making the SI system completed and secured. It has a wide benefit for DCS 6000 system which could be used with the SI System and Conference Microphone System of DIS. In SI System, Junction Box is used to connect the IS 6132P in a booth, just in the case that any unit of IS 6132P accidently malfunction or generate any error during the show, system restart to replace is unnecessary, just remove and plug in the replacement, then the show can go on.

5. DIS DT 6008/6032 : Digital Transmitter is a unit of channels separators before sending signal out to the DIS RA 6025 Digital Infrared Radiator. Client can freely set channels sequences according to their need.

6. DIS RA 6025 : Digital Infrared Radiator is the infrared signal radiator which will be placed around the meeting room to making sufficient coverage area for participants who need interpretation. This Infrared is not harmful to human and invisible. One of the RA 6025 can effectively generate perfect coverage area in 30 meters, therefore, the bigger the room, the more radiators are required.


After a few paragraphs describing the DIS Simultaneous Interpretation System, now is the vital qualifications that make Infrared is the right system for all scales of conferences that need SIS.


1. Sound Quality : The quality of the sound that could be heard from the receiver is at the high level as CD (Compact Disc) or could be said as Crystal Clear.

2. Top Confidential Keeping : Since the specific development of the Infrared Receiver for a specific use, the device could not be generally possessed and the cost of each unit is high, therefore, there is a few people who has the system under their possession. Only people who are invited or allowed to participate in the meeting room (s) could use the device to listen to the meeting contents. For those other system such as RF, UHF or FM, it is quite easy to find this equipment with the right frequency in the market, therefore, people who possess the same equipment with the same frequency can listen the meeting even they are outside the meeting room.

3. Limited Listening Area : Since the use of Infrared signal can limit the coverage area for the expected listener by setting RA 6025 Infrared Radiators in a required area to accommodate the interpretation to the specific target.

4. Multi-room Interpretation Services : The great point of using Infrared system is when there are many breakout rooms, there will be no interference to each other because of the former qualifications 2 and 3. Infrared does not go widely, but in a limited area, therefore, it will never go out of any area without the Infrared Radiator unlike, the Radio Frequency (RF) system : UHF, AM, FM that can go widely in an area and it could also generate interference to other rooms and could be interfered by other RF devices such as wireless microphones, communication devices, for example. This is an important issue that all user or event organizer must carefully consider about.

5. No Interference : From the 4 aforementioned qualification of using Infrared technology in the SIS is the smart standard definition and could be truly used worldwide since the chance to interference is very small. Compare to the use of all RF system, which is a bit risky due to the RF devices could be generally found in the city such as radio, wireless microphone, walkie-talkie, communication radio, mobile phone, etc.


Beside the SIS, the Interpreter Booth is one of the important factor to a conference which the ISO define its standard of the Interpreter Booth which ISO 4043 : 1998, requirements mainly are :

1. The dimension of the Interpreter Booth shall not be less than 1.90m to 2.0m to facilitate the height of the western and eastern interpreters. Coming up with the width at 1.60m in total.

2. The window must be with the widest as possible to facilitate their extreme visibility to the meeting room and also, it must have side windows to see adjacent booths clearly.

3. Entrance and exit door shall be a swing type and shall be moved to any side of the booth to facilitate the setting up in a limited area.

4. The Sound proof quality, it is not 100% for sound absorption but it must be in the level that causes disturbing to the interpreters or audience in the adjacent area.

5. For a large scale of meeting, booth shall be placed on a 30cm height platform to facilitate interpreters to see the whole conference room. Mighty MICE’s Interpreter Booths conform these 5 standards of the ISO 4043 : 1998.


ภาพแสดงตัวอย่างการติดตั้งระบบหูฟังการแปลภาษาในห้องประชุมขนาดเล็ก ที่ใช้ตู้ล่ามจำนวน 4 ตู้ The Sample picture showing how the setup of SIS looks like with 4 Interpreter Booths.


ตัวอย่างงานประชุม ใช้ระบบหูฟังการแปลภาษาแบบอินฟราเรดของ DIS จาก Mighty MICE Past Performance that DIS SI System were used by Mighty MICE.

1. G77, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (March 2016)

2. HUAWEI : Fusion Solar Day (April 2016)

3. The International Gymnastic Foundation (May 2016)